Training Update January 2019

We got ALL THE SNOW last weekend!! The storm total was around 2 feet, but some areas were closer to 4 feet due to high winds. The storm led to lots of treadmill running, but I was happy to be inside away from the extreme cold and pretending I was running in Florida. My running and training continues to go well as I gear up for a half marathon in 2 weeks. Here is my training for the month so far:

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Cold Weather Running Tips

After a snowy but not too cold start to winter, we are back to frozen temperatures! The picture on the left is from my car yesterday morning (-11 degrees), and the picture on the right is from this morning (-10 degrees). Yesterday I drove somewhere warm to get my run in (+10 degrees), but this morning I waited till 9:30 AM and then headed out. It was -8 degrees at the start, but warmed up to a balmy +8 degrees by the end. I have to say I was not cold largely due to the fact that there was no wind and the sun was nice and warm.

Many people say they do not run when the temperature reach X amount of degrees. I hate to put a number on it, but I really don’t like running below zero although I still do. Here are some tips for cold weather running (and cold weather exercise in general).

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2018 Review

We are just a day away from 2019! Now is a great opportunity to reflect back on 2018. It has been a year of hard work, innovation, and success. I ran 2,276 miles in 2018 and set a personal record (PR) in the 5k by over a minute and the marathon by over 8 minutes. Here is my 2018 monthly mileage:

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Training Update December 2018

Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe 2019 is right around the corner. I feel like I just got used to writing 2018, and now we switch to 2019! December has been a great training month, and I am excited to continue to build in January. Similar to last winter, I am incorporating swimming a couple days per week, which I love. I am racing a half marathon in Florida in February, and it will be fun to test my fitness for the first time since my marathon in October.

Here is my training log for the past 3 weeks:

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Hypermobility & The Beighton Scale

Do you ever worry about your flexibility? Are your joints too stiff or too mobile? Certain sports such as ballet and gymnastics encourage flexibility, whereas other sports such as cycling tend to produce joint tightness. As a former gymnast, I am very familiar with hypermobility – doing full splits and achieving incredible positions with my limbs was easy. While a certain amount of flexibility is desired, too much can be hazardous to our bodies and can also indicate joint or connect tissue disorders.

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