Training Update December 2018

Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe 2019 is right around the corner. I feel like I just got used to writing 2018, and now we switch to 2019! December has been a great training month, and I am excited to continue to build in January. Similar to last winter, I am incorporating swimming a couple days per week, which I love. I am racing a half marathon in Florida in February, and it will be fun to test my fitness for the first time since my marathon in October.

Here is my training log for the past 3 weeks:

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Loco Marathon 2018

Yesterday I ran the Loco Marathon in Newmarket, NH and had the best marathon of my life (so far!). We drove down to NH the day before in a terrible storm full of snow, sleet, rain, and wind. Fortunately, the weather passed through and race morning was about 40 degrees with just some light rain at the beginning. The temperatures felt quite comfortable compared to the heat and humidity from the summer. I was really confident in my training and ready to race.

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26 Lessons from 10 Marathons

With my 11th marathon coming up this Sunday, I reflected back on my last 10 marathons. Over the years I have learned so many lessons – both positive and negative, both in running and in life. I am thankful for everything and everyone that helped me get to this moment. Here are 26 lessons from all the marathons I’ve run.

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Running Reflections

When you are striving to run at your highest level, running can be extremely rewarding yet hard and fatiguing. Depending on how you perform, running can make you feel on top of the world or disappointed and discouraged. A run can leave you with an extra pep in your step, or it can make you sore and achy for days.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to run and work towards my goals. Whether I am tired or energized, running is a choice I make and a road I have decided to follow. No one pushes me or cares about my training, results, or paces as much as I do. The pressure, dedication, and expectations are all created from within me. I get to pick my own goals, sign up for the races that excite me, and ultimately run however my heart desires.  

I am a runner, but I am also so much more than that. Even though running gives me tremendous enjoyment and fills a huge part of my life, I know I can be happy and create a new path when my approach towards running changes. When I do not have the competitive drive to race anymore, there will always be easy runs. When I can no longer run, there will always be swimming, dog walks, arts & crafts, and family. I can choose my journey and view my successes based on my own desires and needs.

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