Turkey Talk

On Sunday, I ran a pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k. I was planning to run the race just for fun, so it was a totally different feel lining up at the start with no expectations or race strategy. I have to admit it was hard to put a bib number on without giving 100%. I ended up running well and felt really great the whole race. I was pleased with my performance since I had only run a handful of easy runs that week, and the previous two weeks were rest post-marathon. I also won an 18 pound turkey in the raffle, so we were excited about that! Here we are just after the start:


It was about 25 degrees, but the sun was out and the roads were clear despite a big snowstorm two days before. Here I am on the final stretch sprinting to the finish, but still smiling :)


Now, let’s hear what the rest of the Turkey Trotters have to say!