Sunday Times

Today I present my own version of the Sunday newspaper!


This week I ran 54 miles with 3 easy days, 2 workouts, 1 long run, and 1 rest day. On Wednesday, I did 6 x 1 km, which I had never done before. I have always run by time or distances in miles, but not kilometers. Whenever I run a 5k or 10k, I simply think of it as 3.1 or 6.2 miles. I am so used to minutes-per-mile pace, I was not quite sure what to think of my splits: 3:55, 3:57, 4:02, 3:59, 4:03, 4:00. My coach told me "Really nice workout" and I was pleased with my effort. It definitely changes your mindset and focus, and I enjoy the slightly longer than 1/2 mile but shorter than 1 mile distance. Have you ever run based on kilometers?


We are still not out of winter here in the Northeast. The snow sure is beautiful, but I am ready for warmer weather! We were struck with several inches of snow on Friday, and the longterm forecast shows 40's and rain. Oh well!



Last night we had a wonderful dinner of salmon over farro and a kale salad. This week I am excited for our meal plan consisting of hamburgers on the grill with sweet potato fries, black bean quesadillas with homemade guacamole, roasted red pepper frittata, homemade pizza, and pesto pasta with chicken. 



I continue to paint on a regular basis, and I love using bright colors. Inspired by thoughts of spring and flowers, I painted this picture below. I hope to build my collection and perhaps someday have a small side business.


Fashion & Style

My new favorite running clothes company is Tracksmith. Tracksmith has some of the finest running gear including my #1 pair of shorts and the best long sleeve running top. I never get chafing, and all of their materials are incredibly soft and odorless. They also have simple, classic styles. I hope to visit their shop in Boston someday. Highly recommended!


I recently read an article titled, "How to Make Friends with Pain" from the magazine Outside written by Brad Stulberg, also the author of the book Peak Performance. As an athlete, we are often pushing into to our pain threshold. The article offers some great insight on how to manage the pain and continue to compete at our best. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

  • "To get the most from your performance, you have to accept the unpleasant—and keep pushing."
  • "Embracing pain may sound nice conceptually, but that doesn’t make it easy to do in the heat of the moment."
  • "If you fight the pain, or freak out at its onset, that’s when you really suffer and tend to crumble ... But if you learn how to somewhat dispassionately observe your pain, you increase your chances of working through it.”

As I physical therapist, I see people in pain everyday. I think the advice from this article also goes for non-athletes who are experiencing pain from other ailments, especially chronically. Everyone experiences pain at some point in their life, and we have to learn how to handle it or it can be a a terrible experience. We can use our mind to help control the intensity of the pain, and certain techniques may allow us to rewire our brain to feel less pain. Positive thinking and refocusing on something other than the pain are the two techniques that work best for me, but pain is certainly a complicated beast!

What would you report in your own newspaper today?