Summer of Speed: Final 5k

After several weeks of speed workouts and three short races, I am excited to start getting back into marathon training. Today was the last race of my summer 5k/10k training cycle and while I enjoyed the change of pace, I think my main love is longer distances. My next race isn't until October, and I am looking forward to having a lot more miles and endurance in my legs. 

Today's race was the Fairfax Egg Run 5k. It was warm and humid, so my coach and I decided I would go out conservatively. This worked out really well, and I felt great the whole race. I even had a strong sprint at the end, despite it being uphill. I crossed the finish line as the first female and won a dozen eggs. Quite fitting for the name of the race! Appropriately, we had eggs for lunch :)

My final time was 19:47, and I was really encouraged by this result after struggling in the heat/humidity last week. Here are some of the things we did differently and strategies I used to stay cool:

  • Adjusted my goal pace based on the heat and humidity beforehand (although I still ran well and fast, it was not a PR)
  • Took my warm-up extra easy so I didn't start overheated 
  • Placed a cold towel that we had soaked in ice over the back of my neck a couple minutes before the start 
  • Dumped a cup of water over my head from a water station to cool off
  • Used an electrolyte drink the past couple days as well as today to help stay on top of fluids

I also worked on my mental game and split the race into three sections, each with a different key word. The first mile was patience (don't go out too fast), the second mile was focus (don't let the pace slow), and the last mile was fight (battle to the finish). Races are hard, and it helps to have something to think about when the going gets tough.

This was my third 5k in 2018, and all three were under 20 minutes (here are links for #1 and #2). Having never run a sub-20 5k before this year, I'd say that is a huge win!

For a little color, I'll end this post with yesterday's harvest from our garden. Here we have green beans, carrots, raspberries, kale, and cherry tomatoes. So, so good and definitely upping our fruit/veggie intake!


Hope you have a great week!