September Meal Plan Sunday

Every Sunday, I plan out our meals for the week and do a big grocery shop. We don't usually have time during the week to hit the grocery store, and it's usually just for a couple items if we do. Having everything set for the week certainly makes my life easier, and I don't have to come up with a dinner plan at the last minute. It also helps minimize food waste because I only get what I need. Fish is usually reserved for Saturday or Sunday since I prefer to buy it the day we make it, but otherwise most ingredients can be purchased ahead of time. If I am extra ambitious or it is an super busy week, I will also cut up vegetables or precook items such as rice on Sunday.

Since it's September, we are lucky to still have frequent use of the grill and can enjoy fresh produce from the garden. I try to use up whatever we have growing in abundance in the garden. As the weather gets cooler, we'll transition to more soups and oven based dishes. It's fun to eat with the seasons. 

Here is this weeks dinner meal plan!

Sunday: Stuffed peppers with ground beef and salad. Recipe based off this link here. I'm substituting ground beef for the ground turkey to get a little extra iron into our diet. 

Monday: Grilled portobello mushrooms with pesto, feta, and roasted red peppers. This is a recipe I've developed myself over the years. Remove stems and gills from portobello mushrooms. Drizzle mushrooms with olive oil and grill for 4-5 minutes with the top rounded side up. Next, flip the mushroom over so the bottom side is facing up and grill from 4-5 more minutes. In the last minute of cooking, fill the mushroom bottom with cheese and allow the cheese to melt. Transfer the cooked mushrooms to toasted buns spread with pesto and top mushrooms with roasted red peppers. 

Tuesday: Frittata with zucchini, kale, and cheddar cheese. Served with roasted potatoes. All vegetables from the garden! Recipe can be found in my previous post.

Wednesday: Pizza and salad. Half tomato and half pesto on pre-made crust. Basic recipe outlined on this post.

Thursday: Rice and beans with guacamole and salsa. This is another recipe I've created over the years. So simple, yet filling and delicious. Not to mention nutritious! Sauté a chopped pepper until soft. Next, add 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, garlic powder, and a rinsed can of black beans. Sauté the mixture until warm, and then serve over rice. Top with guacamole and salsa (plus cheese if desired).

Friday: Chicken penne salad with green beans. Recipe straight from this link at We always top this with cheddar shake!

Saturday: Grilled salmon with leftover rice and served with salad. We had this last weekend too. One of my favorites that we have most weeks - I just change up how the salmon is cooked (grilled, broiled, baked, etc.) and/or switch up the sides (different grains or potatoes). We'll have leftover rice from Thursday because I'll make a bunch in the rice cooker. 

What's on your menu? What are your standby meals?