Running in Portland, Maine

I spent this past week in Portland, Maine, and had a great time exploring. I ran the Maine Marathon in 2015 and was excited to return to the area. There is so much to do there including lots of yummy places to eat and endless shopping. We love Whole Foods and L.L.Bean! There were some amazing sunsets as well. 


I had three runs scheduled and found great routes for all of them. The first morning my plan was a 90 minute medium-long run with the last 10-15 minutes at a faster pace. I chose to do this on the South Portland Greenbelt, which is a 5.5 mile flat and paved path spanning from Bug Light Park to the Wainwright Sports Complex.  The path was so nice, we ended up biking it that afternoon as well! Below is a map of the area.


The second run was a 60 minute easy run. I chose to do this along the Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race course, which travels from Cape Elizabeth up along Shore Road. It is a beautiful route, and there are lots of magnificent houses and views. There is a paved sidewalk separated from the road that makes it safe for pedestrians. The race ends around Fort Williams Park, which is home to the Portland Head Light. Here is a map of the roads.


The final day I had a harder workout: 6 x 1600 meters (1 mile or 4 times around the track) with 3 minutes recovery after each, followed by 3 x 200 meters (half a lap around the track) with 200 meter recovery after each. We stayed near the South Portland High School, so I used the track there. The wind was howling at 20+ mph, so this made it challenging! Halfway around the track you had a tail wind, and then as you turned the corner you were blasted with wind for the second half. You never know what race day conditions will bring, so it's always good to practice in all types of weather - rain, sleet, wind, heat, etc. Below is a picture of the track's location. 


Cassie came along as well and loved playing in the sand, chasing squirrels, and snoozing.

I look forward to going back to Portland in the future, perhaps another Maine Marathon someday!