Recent Eats March 2019

Hello! The dogs want to know what’s for dinner!?


We’ve finally made it to spring and I couldn’t be more excited for sun, flowers, meals on the porch, and no more shoveling. However, it doesn’t really feel like spring in Vermont. Our backyard currently looks like this:


Although I really wish it looked like this:


I’m very jealous of my Mom and Dad in Arizona right now! Fortunately, the sun is getting hotter and the temperatures are getting warmer. It might be May before all the snow melts here, but it will come.

Back to dinner! We’ve been eating well and I have a few meals to share with you. We recently had stuffed peppers with jasmine rice, ground turkey, tomato sauce, herbs, and mozzarella cheese. They were delicious.


Homemade pizza is still a regular meal around here too, and we continue to love the combo of half pesto / half tomato base. Below is half with pesto and olives and the other half with tomato sauce with peppers before going in the oven.


For breakfast, I still love oatmeal but I really crave hot oats instead of overnight oats when I get home from cold long runs. You may have seen oatmeal cups at the grocery store, such as these from Bob’s Red Mill, and they are the perfect solution. No dirty dishes and no need to add toppings because they’re all in the container. I discovered you can also use the Keurig for hot water making it even faster. I especially like these oatmeal cups from Picky Bars, which have great flavor and extra calories for busy days.


Finally, a new sports product I was recently introduced to is SaltStick caps and chews, which help replenish electrolytes lost during exercise. These have been great for sweaty treadmill runs and will be really helpful in the summer as well. I’ve found they definitely reduce leg cramps that I sometimes have after long runs and workouts. I’m not a big fan of sports drinks and I prefer water, so these are important in making sure I don’t dilute the electrolytes I need.


Do you have any new favorite foods?