Posture Exercises

There are three simple exercises you can do anytime, anywhere to help improve your posture. These exercises focus on upper body position, engaging the core, and whole body alignment. 

1. Scapular retractions: squeeze your shoulder blades back and down as if you are trying to pinch them together. Make sure you don't bring your shoulder up towards your ears. Your neck should be relaxed. This exercise helps prevent rounded forward shoulders.


2. Posterior pelvic tilt: contract your abdominals as you tuck your hips and tailbone under you. Some people find it helpful to squeeze their butt at the same time. Many people also find this exercise easier to perform while laying down so they can push their low back into the surface they're on. This gives you a cue that you are doing it correctly. Once you master it laying down, you can progress to doing it in standing. This exercise helps reduce the anterior pelvic tilt shown on the left below that contributes to low back pain. 

3. Wall posture - stand with your back at a wall and try to touch the back of your heels, butt, shoulders, and head to the wall. Keep your gaze forward and neck relaxed. This is what perfect posture should feel like! You can hold your scapular retraction and posterior pelvic tilt during this exercises as well to combine all three into one.