New Nutrition Facts Labels

You may have noticed some products in the grocery store have new nutrition facts labels. Manufacturers were originally supposed to have the new label on their products by July 2018, but this has recently been delayed indefinitely. Despite the change in regulations, many companies have already updated their labels. 

Here is the old (left) and new (right) label on jars of Teddy Peanut Butter. The new label has several changes:

  • Serving size and Calories are larger (and calories from fat has been removed)
  • Added Sugar amounts are listed below the total sugar amount. This is very important for many consumers. It is often hard to tell how much sugar in a product is natural (from fruit or dairy) and how much is added by the manufacturer. 
  • Nutrients are listed with actual amounts versus just with daily value percentages. The percentages are based off an average person, so this is helpful when trying to meet your personal needs. An athlete often needs more nutrients such as iron than a typical person. 
  • Vitamin D and Potassium are now included in the list of nutrients (where as vitamin A and C have been removed). A lot more people are deficient in vitamin D and potassium than vitamin A and C.

Here is a great graphic displaying the changes

Below are two more examples. The first is granola with all added sugar from maple syrup. The second is frozen blueberries will all natural sugar from the berries.

What do you think!?