Marathon #13 and Bib #13

On Sunday I ran the Maine Marathon in Portland, ME. This was my 13th marathon and I coincidentally had bib #13! It was a gorgeous day - partly cloudy and 40 degrees at the start warming up to about 50 degrees at the finish. We were so lucky to find the perfect AirBnB to stay in the night before and after the race. Our dogs absolutely loved it, and the location was close to everything including the start of the race. Portland is a beautiful place and the marathon really exemplified this. The course is out and back on rolling roads with excellent views, scenery, and support. It felt just like home after all my rural training runs in Vermont. I definitely don’t like running in big cities. My favorite part of the marathon was running for a few minutes alongside my Dad during mile 16. I wish we had a picture. Don’t let him tell you he can’t run because he could keep up with me at 7 minute per mile pace!

Mile 26.2:

My goal for the race was to PR and run sub-3:10. I finished in 3:12:34, which is 7:18 average pace per mile. I didn’t quite hit my big goal, but I did place 3rd female overall and won a good size check! This was completely unexpected and a great surprise. Of course we had to go to Freeport later in the day after the marathon to visit the Patagonia outlet and LLBean stores. It was a great reward that made me very proud of my accomplishment despite falling short of my time goal.

Hard Earned Money:


Before and After:

Below are my splits. I was proud of myself for keeping my pace under 8 minutes the whole time, despite the hilly parts throughout the middle of the course and cramping throughout my body. My training prepared me well for the distance, but there is always more work to do. I have yet to run a negative split marathon (second half faster than the first half), but that is definitely another goal of mine!

I know I can run sub-3:10 (especially with my recent half marathon time of 1:28), and I dream of running sub-3:00 one day too. The time will come. Patience, consistency, and determination are all key factors. Progress in running doesn’t come overnight - although lots of sleep certainly helps! As the saying goes, “Dream big, work hard, and stay humble.” The marathon certainly keeps me in line with that.