Hidden in the Garden

Our garden continues to grow and I discover new vegetables popping up everyday. It is so rewarding to grow and eat your own food. When you buy something from the grocery store or get a meal at a restaurant, you never know exactly who handled the food you purchased or the environments it passed through to get to your plate. When food comes from right outside your backdoor, you know everything the food has been through from seed to your kitchen counter. 

We have been eating lots of zucchini, kale, basil (pesto!), and parsley. The cucumbers, green beans, carrots, and tomatoes are almost ready. We will have potatoes and green peppers in a few weeks too.

From top left to bottom right: Zucchini, Cucumber, Basil, Kale, Tomatoes (waiting for them to turn red!), Green Beans. 

I have been diligent about making sure all the plants get watered every night it doesn't rain (which has been most nights). This has really paid off. The lilies have been in full bloom the past couple of weeks as well. They are so beautiful and I love the color!


Miles has figured out he stick his whole head through the porch railing so he can get a better view of the yard (and squirrels). Cassie is very jealous. Thankfully his arms and legs are staying on the correct side! The dogs are doing a good job keeping pests out of the garden so far.


My favorite dinner recently was this soba noodle salad with peanut sauce pictured below. I added green pepper, carrots, and chicken. So delicious! It was wonderful for a hot summer night. The recipe was adapted from the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook. You can also find the recipe here


Hope you have a great weekend!