First Snow

The first snow has fallen and we are gearing up for winter here in the North East. My favorite running path shown below will soon have too much snow to run on safely. The wood stove has been fired up for a few days, and all our cold weather apparel has overtaken the mud room. 


That doesn't mean it's time to stop running though! Winter running can be challenging, and I've already had to do one run on the treadmill due to ice. However, winter running also can be incredibly peaceful and satisfying. Climbing out of your warm bed and leaving your cozy home can be a struggle initially, but being outside surrounded by snow and feeling the cold winter air on your face is amazingly calming and rejuvenating. It makes time by the fire, sipping hot beverages, and snuggling with loved ones even more cherishable. 

We're not into negative temperatures and endless weeks of snow covered roads yet though. Before the treadmill becomes a regular necessity for harsh conditions, we are still having some reasonable weather. The sun dried up the roads yesterday, and this morning I surprised myself with a speedy long run. My workout was 80 minutes with the last 10 minutes fast. Here are my splits:


It was 20 degrees and cloudy - nothing fleece lined plants and glove lined mittens can't handle! 

A few years ago we had a relentless winter with weeks on end where the temperature didn't rise much above zero. We developed the saying, "Zero is the new twenty," as a day that reached zero degrees actually felt warm compared to most days. Here is a picture from that year taken after a sub-zero run:


In case you were wondering, there was no frostbite incurred here - just a cold face :) I could have used some goggles and a neck warmer in addition to my two hats, three layers on top, two pairs of pants, and hand warmers. At least the roads were nice and clear that day! With the right combination of clothing and aerobic activity, you really can stay warm. Hopefully this serves as motivation for you to get outside even on those frosty days the next few months. I'll be out there!