Amazing Race and Amazing Carrots!

This morning I ran the Charlotte Covered Bridge Half Marathon. The view at the start was beautiful and the weather was perfect for running - mid 50's and mostly cloudy.


Before each race, I try to make A, B, and C goals. My "A" goal was 1:32 (1 hour, 32 minutes), my "B" goal was 1:35, and my "C" goal was 1:37 (which was my previous half marathon PR - personal record). The race got off to a great start, and I was able to maintain my pace throughout. The course was flatter than what I typically run, so that definitely helped with consistency and pacing. 


Such beautiful scenery! I wore my Asics DS trainers, which I use for all my training speed workouts as well. Here is the data collected on my Garmin watch


My official time was 1:31:42, so I beat my "A" goal! The race was well organized, had good food, and definitely deserves two thumbs up. 

On another note, check out these amazing carrots I pulled up from our garden!

The little guy third from the right with stubby legs ran the race this morning too. :)

I cut the smaller carrots up to eat straight or to dip in hummus, and then I shredded the rest in the foot processor to have on salads or in sandwiches or wraps.


Taste the rainbow - without any skittles! Just straight up, good for you, nutritious carrots.

Lastly, I want to mention while we are having picture perfect weather and enjoying nature, there are too many people living through natural disasters and devastating hurricanes right now. Sending best wishes to everyone in Texas, Florida, and surrounding areas as well as those with family, friends, and loved ones that are affected. Our thoughts are with you.