Active Recovery and Meet Miles

It has been two weeks since my marathon, and I am excited to get back to my running routine. Post-marathon is an important time for full recovery and complete rest, but it is also a time to incorporate active recovery as you begin to feel better and start to get back to training. Active recovery involves gentle exercise to help improve blood flow and stimulate healing with minimal stress to your body. Cross-training involving low intensity movements such as walking, swimming, and cycling are great for active recovery days. 

My first week post-marathon was almost entirely complete rest with some light walking here and there. This week (my second week post-marathon), I got to enjoy some cross-training and a few runs. My favorite cross-training is swimming, but I don't currently have a pool membership and I prefer being outside when the weather is nice anyways. I loved getting out on my bike and enjoying the sun. I have a road bike with clip-on pedals for when I want to go fast, but I've been enjoying my regular upright bike for some easy miles. 


I also really ramped up the walking this week because we got another dog! Walking two dogs is definitely a form of active recovery, and perhaps should become a sport of its own :) 


Meet Miles, an incredibly sweet and loving 1.5 year old male adopted from our local humane society. We are unsure of his background, but he is learning the ropes at his new house courtesy of his sister Cassie. They love playing together, destroying toys, sleeping on the porch, giving kisses, and being our best friends. Miles is great on the leash, and I think he might be a good running buddy in the months to come. 

Both dogs are huge fans their crates and will occasionally climb in together for a little snuggle. Car rides are an opportunity for lots of snuggles too :) 

Having two dogs certainly makes life much more busy than having one dog, but it means twice the love and twice the happiness. They never fail us for a good laugh. It was the perfect week to introduce Miles into our lives as I had a little more down time without lots of running. This summer I am looking forward to some shorter distance races (5k and 10k) along with plenty of dog walks.

I hope everyone has a great week!