2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Athletes

In the blink of an eye, here were are in the holiday season! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, joy, and good food. It's hard to believe December and Christmas are right around the corner. As we set out to get something special for everyone on our list (or you think about what you want!), I compiled a list of presents for various athletes below. Enjoy!

For Any Athlete

Hydro Flask Bottles: These are my favorite water bottles because they keep liquids hot or cold all day. HydroFlask just launched My Hydro where you can design your very own bottle! You get to choose any size, pick out a top, and then select colors for each part. 


Roll Recovery R8: This is equivalent to buying an athlete a lifetime of massages! This deep tissue massage roller is an amazing invention. Albeit expensive, it does wonders to your muscles. I don't own one, but I've used it in stores and heard endless positive reviews.

Skida Hats and Headbands: We love this Vermont made product. They have great designs, as well as both fleece lined (the Alpine style) and non-lined (the Nordic style). I love the fleece lined headband for running, and my husband loves the unlined one for cross-country skiing. Skida has become quite popular in New England and for good reason - very comfortable, warm, and well-made.

From left to right: Skida unlined hat, Skida lined headband, Skida lined hat

From left to right: Skida unlined hat, Skida lined headband, Skida lined hat

Darn Tough Socks: Here's another Vermont made product! They have socks for all activities including running, hiking, skiing, and everyday wear. The Cabot Hosiery Mill, where the socks are made, holds a huge sock sale every year. I have been many times before and was thankful to get to go again this year. 

My purchases at the sock sale this year

My purchases at the sock sale this year

For the Runner

New Running Shoes: Every runner goes through a lot of shoes. Unless they are professional and sponsored by a shoe company, runners have to invest in a new pair of shoes every couple months. This adds up quickly! I always have new shoes on my Christmas and birthday lists.

Garmin Watch: The tech industry is making sports more and more data oriented. It is hard to come by a runner these days without a GPS watch. There are many brands, but Garmin has always been my standby. 

For the Cyclist

Personalized Bike Glasses: We received these as a wedding gift, and I honestly think they are one of the best gift ideas ever! We absolutely love ours! Custom gifts are great, and these will make any cyclist smile.

For the Cross-Country Skier

Toko Arctic Split Mitt: Have you heard of lobster mittens? Instead of being a glove or regular mitten, they are split so your pointer and middle finger are together and your ring and pinky finger are together. They are warm, breathable, and have my favorite nose wipe!

Start Oslo Racing Kick Wax: This wax provides a great base for skis in a variety of conditions to prevent slipping and ice buildup. Any classic cross-country skier will be thankful for this new ski wax!

For the Golfer

Emoji Golf Balls: Because golfing should never be taken too seriously!

For Anyone

I am becoming a big fan of non-materialistic gifts and gifts that provide experiences. Many of us have enough "stuff," and I think it's important to emphasize you can give alternative gifts too. I find discovering a mystery envelope under the tree can be just as exciting as opening a gift. Here are some ideas: flowers or a monthly flower delivery subscription, a vacation or trip, reservations for an event or outing (such as a painting class or paddle boarding or rock climbing), a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or grocery store, a photo calendar or book, something homemade (my mom makes the best crocheted potholders and placemats!). These can be for both athletes and everyone else on your list.  

What tops your wish list?