Stowe 5k and Meal Plan

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I ran a 5k in beautiful Stowe, VT. The course started on a dirt road, went to a paved road, and then finished on a bike path with wooden bridges, so there was a variety of surfaces and scenery. The bike path portion had some sharp twists and turns with short inclines, but it was nicely shaded from the hot sun. 

On our way to the race, they were launching hot air balloons and it was so cool! They were stunning to watch with the mountains and bright blue sky. It is definitely on my bucket list to do someday.

The race was very well organized and not too big. There was the 5k as well as a 8-miler, and the total number of participants was about 800. It was a mass start and I positioned myself close to the front, which was amongst a bunch of men!

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Heat Wave

We are having a heat wave here in the Northeast! Today marks six days in a row of 90+ degree temperatures with 90% humidity. Not exactly comfortable, but quite the contrast from the endless days with negative temperatures we had this winter.

I don't know how people in places such as Florida run through the summer, although you do build up some tolerance to the heat with time and training. I'm sure they wonder how we run in the snow! I do think I prefer running in the heat than the freezing cold. It is easier for me to cool off than to warm up (ice baths!), I have no Raynauds, there is less laundry, and you don't have to worry about your foot traction. Running in the rain is also way more fun than running with ice pellets. 

We have been enjoying lots of water sports, early morning runs to beat the heat, plenty of fluids, and cold showers before bed. We went swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and kept the dogs cool. Here are some photos from the week. 

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