Summer of Speed: Final 5k

After several weeks of speed workouts and three short races, I am excited to start getting back into marathon training. Today was the last race of my summer 5k/10k training cycle and while I enjoyed the change of pace, I think my main love is longer distances. My next race isn't until October, and I am looking forward to having a lot more miles and endurance in my legs. 

Today's race was the Fairfax Egg Run 5k. It was warm and humid, so my coach and I decided I would go out conservatively. This worked out really well, and I felt great the whole race. I even had a strong sprint at the end, despite it being uphill. I crossed the finish line as the first female.

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Five Square Meals & Recent Eats

I'm sure you've heard of the saying "eat three square meals a day," but I definitely prefer five square meals as an athlete! I need breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus at least two solid snacks to keep me going throughout the whole day. Here are some of my recent eats and new recipes including an endeavor in homemade pickles!

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Racing in the Heat & Calculators to Adjust Your Pace

Today I ran a 10k in true summer conditions. I had high hopes going into the race, but I neglected to consider the impact of the heat and humidity on my performance. Most of my runs in the past month have been without sun and between 55 and 70 degrees. Today, it was 75 degrees with full sun and 80% humidity. This may not seem too bad for people from the South or in other areas, but these conditions were challenging for me. 

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