Sports Nutrition: Carbs, Protein, and Fluids

Sports nutrition is a hot topic and highly variable for each athlete depending on personal preferences and beliefs. There are many diets out there including high fat/low carb, paleo, gluten free, and vegan. While these may be necessary for some individuals, they should not be the go-to for an athlete because they limit certain essential nutrients. Discussing sports nutrition opens a huge door, so today I am going to focus on three big hitters (carbohydrates, protein, and fluids) and what the current research recommends.

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Wall Slides for Posture

Posture is extremely important and I have written about it several times before on the blog (Importance of Posture and Posture Exercises). Correct posture allows us to breathe more efficiently, decreases joint pain, improves circulation, and facilitates a healthy spine. Today we will focus on a postural exercise specifically for the upper body: wall slides.

Start by standing with your back against a wall. Try to get the back of your head to touch the wall without moving the rest of your body forward and without looking up at the ceiling. Your feet can be a foot or two away from the wall to help get your spine aligned. 

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Active Recovery and Meet Miles

It has been two weeks since my marathon, and I am excited to get back to my running routine. Post-marathon is an important time for full recovery and complete rest, but it is also a time to incorporate active recovery as you begin to feel better and start to get back to training. Active recovery involves gentle exercise to help improve blood flow and stimulate healing with minimal stress to your body. Cross-training involving low intensity movements such as walking, swimming, and cycling are great for active recovery days. 

My first week post-marathon was almost entirely complete rest with some light walking here and there. This week (my second week post-marathon), I got to enjoy some cross-training and a few runs. 

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